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  • Telecom cable fault locators, TDRs, xDSL testers and level meters/generators

ECFL-30 Cable Fault Locator

The ECFL30 telecommunication cable quality tester/fault locator combines four instruments in one: Active brid...


ELA-10 Data Line Analyser

The ELA-10 is a hand held instrument for analogue testing in the range 20Hz to 20kHz with spectrum analyser and out of band noi...


ELQ-2+ 2.2MHz xDSL Line Qualifier

The ELQ-2+ is a 2.2 MHz tester for the qualification of ADSL2 +, ADSL, READSL2, ADSL G LITE, ADSL G.LITE2, SHDSL, HDSL, IS...


ELQ-30A+ 35MHz xDSL Line Qualifier

The ELQ-30A+ is a 35MHz tester for the qualification of VDSL, ADSL, SHDSL, HDSL, ISDN and VF lines with pre-pr...


ET-91 & ET-92 Frequency Level Meter & Generator Test Sets

Frequency selective level meter/generator for the test of FMD systems up to 600 channel capacity, power line carrier, audio ton...


ETDR-10 Time Domain Reflectometers (TDR)

The ETDR series are time domain reflectometers for quick and accurate fault location or qualification of copper telecommunicati...


Manufacturer Approved Calibration Services

Test and measurement instruments require calibration at regular intervals to ensure that measurements are accurate to traceable national st...

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