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Miller Ripley

  • Industry standard tools for fibre optic cable preparation

6" Rule With Sliding Depth Gauge

A 6" (150mm) rule with metric and imperial graduations The sliding clip can be used as a depth ...

Type: 6" rule with depth gauge

Beaver Tail Cleave Tool

A beaver tail style cleave tool that is ideal for cleaving fibres during field termination of ...

Type: Beaver tail cleaver

BT & RJ Connector Crimp Tool

Crimp tool BT430A/431A, BT630A/631A, and RJ45, RJ12, RJ11 (8P8C, 6P6C, 6P4C, 6P2C modular plugs) ...

Type: BT and RJ plug crimp tool

CFS Fibre Strippers - Tri-Hole

Fibre stripping tool with precisio...

Type: CFS tri-hole fibre strippers

Connector Insertion/Extraction Tool

A handy tool for inserting/extracting connectors in high density panel...

Type: Connector insertion/extraction tool

CST Armour/Jacket Stripper

Strips cable jacket and removes CST armour from fibre optic cables Can also be used on non-armoured cables Blade rotates 90° for ...


Fibre Optic Inspection Microscope (Direct View)

Handheld direct view inspection microscope for...


Fibre Optic Workmat

A workplace mat to help keep the work area clean, safe and tidy ...

Type: Fibre optic workmat

Fibre Scraps Cinbin

A small 'cinbin' or trash can for optical fibre offcuts and other sharps Its ...

Type: Fibre optic cinbin

FOC125 Precision Cleave Tool

A precision cleave tool that can be used when fusion splicing or assembling no-pol...

Type: FOC125 precision cleave tool

Heavy Duty Cable Jacket Stripper

Heavy duty cable jacket stripper for 8-38mm...


Loose Tube Cutting Tools

A range of tools for cutting the tubes in loose tube fibre optic cable...