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ELQ-2+ 2.2MHz xDSL Line Qualifier

  • The ELQ-2+ is a 2.2 MHz tester for the qualification of ADSL2 +, ADSL, READSL2, ADSL G LITE, ADSL G.LITE2, SHDSL, HDSL, ISDN and VF lines with pre-programmed templates and data transfer speed calculation
  • It also incorporates a TDR function for locating cable faults such as loose contacts or splits causing crosstalk
  •  An optional active AC-DC bridge is available for accurate fault location
  • Two testers are required for end-to-end measurement. The testers communicate over the line allowing an instrument configured as master to remotely control another configured as slave
  • Tolerance masks of cable parameters such as loss, LCL, return loss, impedance and the principal system parameters are pre-programmed for several xDSL systems
  • The automatic test sequence provides pass/fail indication by comparing the test results against the tolerance masks and the calculated achievable rate against the required data rate
  • Single sided measurements include transmitter, receiver, spectrum analyzer, wide band noise, impulsive noise, return loss, impedance, NEXT(Loss) balance measurements and load coil detection
  • It has a built-in service telephone function with microphone and speaker
  • Software options include:
    • Micro-interruption measurement according to ITU O.62 divided into categories with duration and distribution
    • Exchange side electrical length (ESEL) measurement up to 120dB
    • ESEL dependent templates for achievable rate calculation for the local subscriber lines when the local DSLAM is working with reduced transmit power (DPBO is applied)
    • Software for user defined test parameter editing on a PC
  • Supplied in a soft case with a battery, charger, USB stick, USB cable and software for results transfer to a PC


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ELQ-2+ 2.2MHz xDSL cable qualification tester P.O.A Enquire

Software Options

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ELQ-2+GDELAY Group delay distortion option P.O.A Enquire
ELQ-2+MICRO Micro-interrupt option P.O.A Enquire
ELQ-2+REF Spectrum trace reference option P.O.A Enquire
ELQ-2+10HZ 10Hz resolution option P.O.A Enquire
ELQ-2+PC Parameter editing on PC option P.O.A Enquire
ELQ-2+QXTALK Quick crosstalk option P.O.A Enquire
ELQ-2+ESEL ESEL measurement option P.O.A Enquire
ELQ-2+ESELTEMP ESEL dependent templates option P.O.A Enquire
ELQ-2+DPBOMUS DPBO MUS option P.O.A Enquire
ELQ-2+DPBOJ DPBO Annex J option P.O.A Enquire

Hardware Options

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ELQ-2+BRIDGE AC/DC bridge option (FACTORY FITTED) P.O.A Enquire
ELQ-2+ER20 ER20 directional coupler 4-2200kHz P.O.A Enquire
ELQ-2+CIGAR Cigar lighter charger P.O.A Enquire