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ET-91 & ET-92 Frequency Level Meter & Generator Test Sets

  • Frequency selective level meter/generator for the test of FMD systems up to 600 channel capacity, power line carrier, audio tone and FSK communication systems
  • Suitable for coaxial and balanced cable systems
  • Frequency range 100Hz to 2.4MHz (ET-91) or 100Hz to 6MHz (ET-92)
  • The instrument incorporates a level generator for the generation of the measuring voltage, a level meter for selective and wideband measurements, and a spectrum analyzer for measuring crosstalk and interference
  • Measurements include wideband noise, impulse noise, spectrum analyzer and NEXT/LOSS
  • LCL balance, return loss, impedance are standard on the ET91 (chargeable software options on the ET92)
  • The ET91 has a psophometer for noise measurement in speech channels to ITU-T rec. O.41
  • The ET92 has an event counter for counting amplitude and phase hits, interruptions and noise impulses
  • Group delay distortion, phase jitter & frequency error, micro interruption, spectral trace reference, and spectrogram are chargeable software options on both instruments
  • Spectrogram allows results to be logged and stored on a USB stick or PC
  • A PC control program software option allows results transfer to a PC, spectrogram control, and the viewing/editing of instrument setup configuration
  • The ET92 has a synchronous event counter software option
  • Two testers are required for end-to-end measurements. One can be configured as master (initiating the tests) and the other as slave (responding to master commands). Instructions are sent and results transferred over the line under test
  • Includes a rechargeable battery pack, charger, 2 balanced cables, 2 coax cables, USB stick, USB cable and a soft carrying case


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ET-91 100Hz-2.4MHz level test set N/A P.O.A Enquire
ET-92 100Hz-6MHz level test set N/A P.O.A Enquire

Hardware Options

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ET-91-40DB-C 40dB external attenuator (coax) ET-91 P.O.A Enquire
ET-92-40DB-C 40dB external attenuator (coax) ET-92 P.O.A Enquire
ET-91-40DB-B 40dB ext attenuator (balanced) ET-91 P.O.A Enquire
ET-92-40DB-B 40dB ext attenuator (balanced) ET-92 P.O.A Enquire
ET-91-CIGAR Cigar lighter charger ET-91 P.O.A Enquire
ET-92-CIGAR Cigar lighter charger ET-92 P.O.A Enquire

ET91 Software Options

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ET-91-GDELAY Group delay distortion option ET-91 P.O.A Enquire
ET-91-JITTER Phase jitter and frequency error option ET-91 P.O.A Enquire
ET-91-MICRO Micro-interrupt option ET-91 P.O.A Enquire
ET-91-REF Spectrum trace reference option ET-91 P.O.A Enquire
ET-91-SPECTROGRAM Spectrogram option ET-91 P.O.A Enquire
ET-91-PC Parameter edit/results transfer software ET-91 P.O.A Enquire

ET92 Software Options

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ET-92-GDELAY Group delay distortion option ET-92 P.O.A Enquire
ET-92-JITTER Phase jitter and frequency error option ET-92 P.O.A Enquire
ET-92-MICRO Micro-interrupt option ET-92 P.O.A Enquire
ET-92-REF Spectrum trace reference option ET-92 P.O.A Enquire
ET-92-SPECTROGRAM Spectrogram option ET-92 P.O.A Enquire
ET-92-PC Parameter edit/results transfer software ET-92 P.O.A Enquire
ET-92-EVENT Synchronous event counter option ET-92 P.O.A Enquire