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ELA-10 Data Line Analyser

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  • The ELA-10 is a hand held instrument for analogue testing in the range 20Hz to 20kHz with spectrum analyser and out of band noise measurement up to 85kHz
  • Intended for testing 2 or 4 wire leased and dial up circuits
  • End-to-end testing requires 2 testers in master-slave arrangement. The communication between testers allows just one person to perform these measurements
  • Simple operation with pre-defined automatic test sequences
  • Pre-programmed with tolerance masks and the main parameters for ITU-T M.1020, M.1025 and M.1040. The tester gives pass/fail results against these limits. The reasons for failures are marked with an asterisk
  • The tester is supplied with a rechargeable battery, charger and soft carry case
  • Standard tests include spectrum analyser, insertion loss (NEXT), wide band noise, psophometric noise (O.41), noise with tone (O.132), longitudinal balance (LCL), impedance, return loss, echo test and AC-DC voltage
  • Optional software can be purchased for long term interruption analysis (O.62), event counters (amplitude hits, phase hits, interruptions, impulsive noise), group delay distortion and phase jitter (O.91)
  • Results can be stored in memory and transferred to a PC (using optional software)


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ELA-10 Copper data line analyser P.O.A Enquire
ELA-10-CIGAR Cigar lighter charger for ELA-10 P.O.A Enquire

Additional Software Options

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ELA-10-GDELAY Group delay distortion option P.O.A Enquire
ELA-10-INTER Interruption analysis option P.O.A Enquire
ELA-10-EVENT Event counters option P.O.A Enquire
ELA-10-JITTER Phase jitter option P.O.A Enquire
ELA-10-PCEDIT Parameter editing on a PC software P.O.A Enquire
ELA-10-PCTRANSFER Results transfer to PC software P.O.A Enquire