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FTS2 Fibre Optic Talk Sets

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  • The FTS2 fibre optic talk set allows technicians to communicate with each other over an unused fibre during testing operations
  • This is useful in areas where mobile phones and wireless walkie talkies are not allowed such as government secure locations and some datacentres or areas with poor mobile coverage
  • Available with 1310nm optics or 1550nm for longer range. Full duplex two way communication over one fibre
  • Suitable for multimode and singlemode fibre
  • 20dB dynamic range (multimode fibre). 45dB dynamic range (singlemode fibre)
  • Powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries
  • Headsets allow hands free operation
  • The optional accessory FTS-20C clip on coupler allows the talk set to be connected to the mid point of a fibre (e.g. a bare fibre in a splice closure) where terminated ends are not available for connection. The coupler can also be used to connect a talk set to an unterminated bare end of a fibre
  • A pair of instruments is supplied with a pair of headsets in a soft carry case

Fibre Optic Talk Sets

Code Type Connection Our Price:
FTS2-1310-FC Fibre optic talk set, 1310nm FC/PC P.O.A Enquire
FTS2-1550-FC Fibre optic talk set, 1550nm FC/PC P.O.A Enquire


Code Type Connection Our Price:
FTS-20C-FC Clip-on coupler FC/PC P.O.A Enquire