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FiberTEK III Fibre Test Heads for LanTEK III Certifier

  • The FiberTEK III modules turn the LanTEK III into a fully TIA/IEC/ISO standards compliant Tier 1 fibre certifier
  • Simple one-button test routine with a simple pass/fail result summary
  • Tier 1 test results include dB loss at each wavelength, dB loss in each direction, fibre link length, standard budget and dB margin/headroom
  • Intuitive graphical setup wizards guide the user through test lead referencing and testing
  • A visible laser function assists with pinpointing faults
  • The LanTEK III tester includes a WiFi adaptor allowing results to be transferred using the free Ideal AnyWARE app to your preferred storage platform (email, ftp, cloud etc). Alternatively you can transfer results to a USB device if you prefer
  • The free IDEAL Data CENTER (IDC) PC software allows you to produce professional summary, brief or full test reports
  • Fibre and copper test results can be presented using the same reporting software
  • Supplied as a kit including fibre modules for the LanTEK III display and remote handhelds and FC/SC/ST interfaces. The Ideal AnyWARE app and IDC PC software are free downloads
  • Kits are available for multimode testing, singlemode or both
  • Multimode kits include 6 x 50/125µm SC - SC test leads. Singlemode kits include 6 x singlemode SC - SC leads. Quad kits have 6 of both
  • LC interfaces are available separately as a kit of 2 x LC receiver interfaces, 2 x LC - SC transmit test leads and 6 x LC - LC test leads
  • Encircled flux test leads are available upon request

FiberTEK Kits

Code Type Our Price:
FIBERTEK3-MM Multimode kit P.O.A Enquire
FIBERTEK3-SM Singlemode kit P.O.A Enquire
FIBERTEK3-MMSM Multimode and singlemode kit P.O.A Enquire

LC Expansion Kits

Code Type Our Price:
R164061 50/125 LC interface and test lead kit P.O.A Enquire
R164062 Singlemode LC interface and test lead kit P.O.A Enquire