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  • Utility, electrician's and trimming knives and multi-tools

Electrician's Knife

Electrician's pocket knife with two blades Bill hook and straight blades Wooden handle

Type: Electrician knife


A scalpel for industrial applications. Not for medical use Please order blades seperately


Stanley FatMax Retractable Trimming/Utility Knife

Stanley FatMax trimming/utility knife with retractable blade Push button blade door release allows fa...


Stanley Low Cost Lightweight Trimming Knife

Low cost trimming knife with retractable blade Lightweight ABS plastic body Tool-...


Stanley Multi-Tool - 12 Function

12-in-1 multi-tool Universal pliers with serrated noses, wire cutter, saw, small and large knife, bottle opener, cur...

Type: 12 piece multi-tool

Stanley Multi-Tool - 14 Function

14-in-1 multi-tool Knife, file, serrated blade, 1/4" bit holder, sockets (10,11,12,13mm), slotted screwdriver bits (6,8mm)...

Type: 14 piece multi-tool

Stanley Sliding Pocket Trimming Knife

Trimming knife with retractable blade Push down and slide safety feature prevents accidental blade extension ...