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Cletop-S Cleaning Cassettes

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  • Cleaning cassettes for fibre optic connector ferrules.
  • When the button is pressed the cleaning cloth is exposed.
  • The connector ferrule end face is cleaned by wiping it across the cloth.
  • A protective cover slides back over the cloth when the button is released.
  • Fresh cleaning cloth is wound on and exposed each time the button is pressed.
  • When exhausted the cleaning tape can be replaced by inserting a new tape cassette.
  • Each tape should clean at least 400 connectors.
  • The dry cleaning cloth avoids having to transport or use hazardous solvents such as IPA.
  • The standard blue tape has micro-balls that collect contaminants from the surface of the connector.
  • Some customers prefer the softer texture of the white cleaning tapes.
  • The CLETOP-S type A has two slots and is suitable for E2000, FC, SC & ST connectors.
  • The CLETOP-S type B has one slot and is suitable for LC duplex and non-pinned MTP and MTRJ connectors.


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14110501 CLETOP-S type A for E2000, FC, SC P.O.A Enquire
14110601 CLETOP-S type B for LC duplex, MTP non-pinned P.O.A Enquire
14110700 Standard blue replacement tape P.O.A Enquire
14110710 White softer feel replacement tape P.O.A Enquire