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110V Site Transformers

  • 110V site transformers available with one or two IEC 60309 Commando sockets
  • The rating of the two socket transformers is the total sum of the combined power available
  • The transformers are rated for intermittent operation for a duty cycle of 25% of their maximum listed power (i.e. 5 minutes on, 15 minutes off)
  • They may be used in a continuous operating mode at 50% of their maximum rated power (e.g. a 3.3kVA unit can operate continuously at 1.65kVA
  • Bearing the above in mind, check the transformer power rating against the power rating of the tool to be used
  • Always follow the safety instructions before use

Single Outlet Transformers

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T-TRANS-110-750VA-1 110V 750VA site transformer. Single output 375VA continuous. 750VA intermittent P.O.A Enquire

Twin Outlet Transformers

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T-TRANS-110-1000VA-2 110V 1kVA site transformer. Dual output 500VA continuous. 1000VA intermittent P.O.A Enquire
T-TRANS-110-1500VA-2 110V 1.5kVA site transformer. Dual output 750VA continuous. 1500VA intermittent P.O.A Enquire
T-TRANS-110-2250VA-2 110V 2.25kVA site transformer. Dual output 1125VA continuous. 2250VA intermittent P.O.A Enquire
T-TRANS-110-3300VA-2 110V 3.3kVA site transformer. Dual output 1650VA continuous. 3300VA intermittent P.O.A Enquire