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OLTS Kits - No Frills Contractor Series

  • Traditional no-frills light source and power meter kits for optical loss testing
  • Measurements can be made in dB, dBm or µW
  • Palm-sized
  • Supplied with SC connector interface
  • Kits are available for testing dual wavelength multimode (850/1300nm), dual wavelength singlemode (1310/1550nm) or quad wavelength multimode (850/1300nm) and singlemode (1310/1550nm)
  • The power meters have an interchangeable SC interface. A very wide range of power meter connector interfaces are available to order separately. The singlemode sources have an interchangeable SC interface. LC, FC and ST connector interfaces can be ordered separately. The multimode sources have a fixed SC connector that cannot be changed
  • 5 year warranty gives peace of mind. 3 year calibration interval provides a very low cost of ownership
  • Supplied in a soft case with AA alkaline batteries. The multimode and quad kits include 50/125µm and 62.5/125µm fibre mandrels

Quad Wavelength MM And SM Test Kit

Code Type Connection Our Price:
CKSM-2-SC Quad 850/1300/1310/1550nm OLTS kit SC P.O.A Enquire

Singlemode Test Kit

Code Type Connection Our Price:
CKS-2-SC Singlemode 1310/1550nm OLTS kit SC P.O.A Enquire

Multimode Test Kit

Code Type Connection Our Price:
CKM-2-SC Multimode 850/1300nm OLTS kit SC P.O.A Enquire

Additional Light Source Adaptors (For Singlemode Source Only)

Code Type Connection Our Price:
2900-50-0003MR Light source adaptor SC P.O.A Enquire
2900-50-0006MR Light source adaptor LC P.O.A Enquire
2900-50-0002MR Light source adaptor FC P.O.A Enquire
2900-50-0004MR Light source adaptor ST P.O.A Enquire

Additional Power Meter Adaptors

Code Type Connection Our Price:
8800-00-0209 Power meter adaptor SC P.O.A Enquire
8800-00-0225 Power meter adaptor LC P.O.A Enquire
8800-00-0200 Power meter adaptor FC P.O.A Enquire
8800-00-0202 Power meter adaptor ST P.O.A Enquire
8800-00-0203 Power meter adaptor SMA P.O.A Enquire
8800-00-0214 Power meter adaptor Universal 2.5mm ferrule P.O.A Enquire
8800-00-0221 Power meter adaptor E2000 P.O.A Enquire
8800-00-0224 Power meter adaptor Universal 1.25mm ferrule P.O.A Enquire
8800-00-0231 Power meter adaptor MTRJ P.O.A Enquire
8800-00-0271PR Power meter adaptor HFBR-45xx P.O.A Enquire
8800-00-0273PR Power meter adaptor LC duplex P.O.A Enquire