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Singlemode OTDR Fibre Rings

  • During OTDR testing there is a large reflection from the first connector in the system under test (at the OTDR port). This reflection saturates the receiver in the OTDR, temporarily 'blinding' it and creating a deadzone in which valid measurements cannot be made
  • A launch fibre is therefore used between the OTDR and the system under test to absorb this deadzone
  • The fibre rings offer a compact launch fibre that can be stored in most OTDR equipment cases
  • Fibre rings can also be used at the end of a fibre link to ensure that the loss and reflectance of the last connector of the system under test is measured
  • Singlemode fibre rings are available in 150m, 500m and 1000m lengths. 1000m part numbers are shown below. For 150m and 500m rings please contact our sales team
  • Also available with G657.A2 bend insensitive fibre. Please contact our sales team for details
  • The fibre rings can be terminated with any combination of FC/PC, LC/PC, SC/PC, ST/PC, FC/APC and SC/APC connectors

1000m Singlemode Fibre Rings

Code Type Connection Our Price:
FR1-SM-1000-SC-SC 1000m singlemode fibre ring SC/PC - SC/PC P.O.A Enquire
FR1-SM-1000-SC-ST 1000m singlemode fibre ring SC/PC - ST/PC P.O.A Enquire
FR1-SM-1000-LC-SC 1000m singlemode fibre ring SC/PC - LC/PC P.O.A Enquire
FR1-SM-1000-FC-SC 1000m singlemode fibre ring SC/PC - FC/PC P.O.A Enquire
FR1-SM-1000-SC-SCA 1000m singlemode fibre ring SC/PC - SC/APC P.O.A Enquire