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BMP51 Label Printer

  • The BMP51 label printer is aimed at users printing approximately 500 labels per day or who need to print wider labels than offered by the BMP41
  • Maximum label width = 38.1mm (1.5"). 36.0mm is printable. Minimum label width = 6.4mm (1/4")
  • A wide range of labels and tapes are available including:
    • tapes for identifying patch panels and outlets
    • coloured tapes for cabinets, enclosures and general marking
    • wraparound self laminating labels for cable and patch cord identification
    • heatshrinkable sleeves for cable and patch cord identification
    • flag labels for fibre optic patch cords
    • tamper evident labels
  • The labels and tapes are supplied in easy to fit cartridges with integral ribbons. The cartridges feature Smart Cell technology that allows the printer to identify the label type and configure itself accordingly. No confusing label setup is required
  • An integral label guillotine is built into the printer. Cutting can be performed between labels or at the end of the print job
  • Labels can be edited using the QWERTY style keyboard and up to 25,000 can be stored in memory
  • Alpha-numeric characters and 450 symbols. 4-102pt text sizes. Code 39 and 128 barcodes (and others if using PC software)
  • Simple, simultaneous, single advanced and multiple advanced serial numbering
  • 300dpi resolution. 25.4mm/sec print speed
  • The printer can be connected to a computer by USB allowing label designs and lists to be edited on a computer running Workstation or CodeSoft and downloaded to the printer
  • Alternatively the printer can communicate by Bluetooth to a smart phone mobile app. Optional WiFi and Ethernet communication cards can be ordered separately
  • The standard kit includes a LiIon rechargeable battery pack, charger, USB lead, MC1-1000-422 (1" wide black on white) tape and a hard carry case
  • It is also available with Workstation PC software
  • The tele/datacom kit includes the Workstation PC software, M-48-427 (19x25.4mm self laminating cable labels), MC-375-422 (9.5mm wide black on white polyester tape for panels/outlets) and MC1-1500-595-WT-BK (1.5" wide black on white) tape
  • The BMP51 is compatible with BMP41 printer labels

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BMP51-UK Printer with LiIon battery, charger and hard case P.O.A Enquire
BMP51-UK-PWID Printer with Workstation, LiIon battery, charger and hard case P.O.A Enquire
BMP51-UK-DATA Tele/Datacom printer kit with Workstation, battery, charger, hard case and labels P.O.A Enquire
NET-WIFI WiFi option P.O.A Enquire
NET-LAN Ethernet option (RJ45 port) P.O.A Enquire