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Vertical Cable Management Tray

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  • Vertical cable management tray that is fitted to the inside of Cannon floor standing cabinets
  • Available in four widths and six heights
  • Black RAL 9005 as standard
  • Grey white RAL 9002 also available. Please add CAB-CSC-GREY or CAB-CSN-GREY to your order at no extra cost

100mm Wide Tray

Code Type Height Our Price:
CAB-C-TRAY-25U100-BK 100mm wide 25U P.O.A Enquire
CAB-C-TRAY-33U100-BK 100mm wide 33U P.O.A Enquire
CAB-C-TRAY-42U100-BK 100mm wide 42U P.O.A Enquire
CAB-C-TRAY-45U100-BK 100mm wide 45U P.O.A Enquire
CAB-C-TRAY-47U100-BK 100mm wide 47U P.O.A Enquire
CAB-C-TRAY-52U100-BK 100mm wide 52U P.O.A Enquire

150mm Wide Tray

Code Type Height Our Price:
CAB-C-TRAY-25U150-BK 150mm wide 25U P.O.A Enquire
CAB-C-TRAY-33U150-BK 150mm wide 33U P.O.A Enquire
CAB-C-TRAY-42U150-BK 150mm wide 42U P.O.A Enquire
CAB-C-TRAY-45U150-BK 150mm wide 45U P.O.A Enquire
CAB-C-TRAY-47U150-BK 150mm wide 47U P.O.A Enquire
CAB-C-TRAY-52U150-BK 150mm wide 52U P.O.A Enquire

200mm Wide Tray

Code Type Height Our Price:
CAB-C-TRAY-25U200-BK 200mm wide 25U P.O.A Enquire
CAB-C-TRAY-33U200-BK 200mm wide 33U P.O.A Enquire
CAB-C-TRAY-42U200-BK 200mm wide 42U P.O.A Enquire
CAB-C-TRAY-45U200-BK 200mm wide 45U P.O.A Enquire
CAB-C-TRAY-47U200-BK 200mm wide 47U P.O.A Enquire
CAB-C-TRAY-52U200-BK 200mm wide 52U P.O.A Enquire

300mm Wide Tray

Code Type Height Our Price:
CAB-C-TRAY-25U300-BK 300mm wide 25U P.O.A Enquire
CAB-C-TRAY-33U300-BK 300mm wide 33U P.O.A Enquire
CAB-C-TRAY-42U300-BK 300mm wide 42U P.O.A Enquire
CAB-C-TRAY-45U300-BK 300mm wide 45U P.O.A Enquire
CAB-C-TRAY-47U300-BK 300mm wide 47U P.O.A Enquire
CAB-C-TRAY-52U300-BK 300mm wide 52U P.O.A Enquire