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S123M Ribbon Fibre Fusion Splicer

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  • A v-groove alignment fusion splicer suitable for splicing ribbon fibres.
  • Available for 4, 8 or 12 fibre ribbons.
  • Easy to use with one-button automatic operation.
  • The fibres are brought together for splicing automatically.
  • Cladding alignment relies on the accuracy of the geometry of the fibre (v-groove alignment).
  • Integral heatshrink splice protector oven.
  • 160 splice/heatshrink cycles from one charge (70 for the 4 fibre version). Requires a second optional battery.
  • 10mm cleave length. We include an S326A precision cleave tool with the fusion splicer.
  • First the fibres are placed in the ribbon fibre holders and stripped using the S218R thermal stripper.
  • The ribbon fibre holders are then transferred to the S326A cleave tool and the fibres are cleaved.
  • The ribbon fibre holders are then transferred to the S123M fusion splicer and the fibres are spliced.
  • Supplied with one battery, charger, spare electrodes, and an S326A cleave tool in a hard carry case.
  • Ribbon fibre holders must be ordered separately.
  • We recommend that a second S943B battery be ordered in order to achieve the splice/heatshrink cycles per charge quoted above.

Ordering Information

Code Type Our Price:
REQUIRES S712A-004 P.O.A Enquire
REQUIRES S712A-008 8 fibre ribbon fusion splicer with S326A cleave tool P.O.A Enquire
REQUIRES S712A-012 12 fibre ribbon fusion splicer with S326A cleave tool P.O.A Enquire

Required Options

Code Type Our Price:
S712A-004 4 fibre ribbon holders for S123M4 (pair) P.O.A Enquire
S712A-008 8 fibre ribbon holders for S123M8 (pair) P.O.A Enquire
S712A-012 12 fibre ribbon holders for S123M12 (pair) P.O.A Enquire
S218R Thermal stripper for ribbon fibre P.O.A Enquire


Code Type Our Price:
S943B Battery for S123M/S153/S178 P.O.A Enquire
CTX-01 Heatshrink cooling tray for S123M/S153/S178 P.O.A Enquire
S958C External dual bay battery charger for S123M/S153/S178 P.O.A Enquire


Code Type Our Price:
S969 Spare electrodes for S123M/S153/S178 P.O.A Enquire
S976A Spare AC adaptor for S123M/S153/S178 P.O.A Enquire