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2U 19" Mounting Fixed Patch Panels, Grey - E2000, FC, SC & ST

  • 2U 19" rack mounting fibre optic patch panels (non-sliding). The splices inside the panel can be accessed by removing the lid. In order to remove the lid the panel has to be withdrawn from the cabinet (if other equipment is mounted above the panel) which can cause disruption. Please use our sliding panels if this is likely to be a problem
  • The front connector plate can be removed without taking the patch panel out of the cabinet, allowing access to the connectors inside the panel
  • Accommodates up to 48 fibres (in 4 x 12 fibre trays) with E2000, FC,SC and ST connectivity
  • Six holes at the rear for cable entry (holes suit M20/PG16 glands). One M20 gland included
  • The base has a threaded stud and nut for mounting splice trays. It also has loops in the base metalwork for cable retention using cable ties
  • 19" wide x 2U high x 244mm deep
  • Grey RAL7035
  • Supplied assembled with your choice of connector adaptors
  • Please order splice trays, splice protectors and pigtails separately
  • Part numbers are listed for 48 fibre panels but we can supply panels with different quantities of adaptors fitted on request
  • Panels fitted with FC/APC adaptors are also available

ST Panels

Code Type Connection Our Price:
PA2-48-ST-48M-GY 48 fibre 48 m/mode ST adaptors P.O.A Enquire
PA2-48-ST-48S-GY 48 fibre 48 s/mode ST adaptors P.O.A Enquire

E2000 Panels

Code Type Connection Our Price:
PA2-48-E2-48BN-GY 48 fibre 48 m/mode E2000 adaptors (beige) P.O.A Enquire
PA2-48-E2-48BE-GY 48 fibre 48 s/mode E2000 adaptors (blue) P.O.A Enquire
PA2-48-E2-48GN-GY 48 fibre 48 s/mode E2000/APC adaptors (green) P.O.A Enquire

SC Simplex Panels

Code Type Connection Our Price:
PA2-48-SCS-48BN-GY 48 fibre 48 m/mode SC simplex adaptors (beige) P.O.A Enquire
PA2-48-SCS-48BE-GY 48 fibre 48 s/mode SC simplex adaptors (blue) P.O.A Enquire
PA2-48-SCS-48GN-GY 48 fibre 48 s/mode SC/APC simplex adaptors (green) P.O.A Enquire

SC Duplex Panels

Code Type Connection Our Price:
PA2-24-SCD-24BN-GY 48 fibre 24 m/mode SC duplex adaptors (beige) P.O.A Enquire
PA2-24-SCD-24BE-GY 48 fibre 24 s/mode SC duplex adaptors (blue) P.O.A Enquire
PA2-24-SCD-24GN-GY 48 fibre 24 s/mode SC/APC duplex adaptors (green) P.O.A Enquire

FC Panels

Code Type Connection Our Price:
PA2-48-FC-48S-GY 48 fibre 48 s/mode FC/PC adaptors P.O.A Enquire