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LanTEK III Structured Cabling Certifier

  • The LanTEK III is a fully TIA/IEC/ISO standards compliant structured cabling certifier for CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7, and CAT7A systems (up to 1000MHz). A lower cost 500MHz instrument is available for testing up to CAT6A (which suits most requirements)
  • Approved for use on major structured cabling system manufacturer warranty programmes including 3M, Commscope, Corning, Datwyler, Excel, Hubbell, Leoni, Molex, Panduit, R&M, Superior Essex and Telegartner. It is also independently verified by Intertek/ETL
  • Simple one-button test routine with a simple pass/fail result summary (although the tester of course records full test results)
  • Tests can be initiated from the display or remote instrument, speeding up workflow when working alone
  • Very intuitive user interface and project file management
  • The tester includes a WiFi adaptor allowing results to be transferred using the free Ideal AnyWARE app to your preferred storage platform (email, ftp, cloud etc). Alternatively you can transfer results to a USB device if you prefer
  • The free IDEAL Data CENTER (IDC) PC software allows you to produce professional summary, brief or full test reports
  • The RJ45 plug on the permanent link adaptor test lead has replaceable contacts that can be changed by the user in the field when worn
  • The permanent link adaptors have ultra-flexible cable allowing them to be used in confined spaces without impairing performance or damaging the outlet being tested
  • A wiremap test button allows wiring to be assessed without performing the whole test routine
  • A talkset function allows users to communicate over the link under test
  • Supplied as a kit including display and remote handhelds, WiFi adaptor, permanent link test leads (for up to CAT6A), talkset headsets, rechargeable batteries (18 hours continuous use per charge) and chargers in a hard case. The Ideal AnyWARE app and IDC PC software are free downloads
  • Channel test adaptors can be ordered separately if required
  • The LanTEK III can be converted into a Tier 1 fibre optic tester with the addition of FiberTEK III modules

Tester Kits

Code Type Our Price:
LANTEK3-500 500MHz kit for CAT5e/6/6A P.O.A Enquire
LANTEK3-1000 1000MHz kit for CAT5e/6/6A/7/7A P.O.A Enquire


Code Type Our Price:
R161050 Replacement tips for CAT6A PL test leads (pair) P.O.A Enquire
R161051 Replacement CAT6A PL adaptor (single) P.O.A Enquire


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SCP1YRN 1 year Sapphire careplan P.O.A Enquire
SCP2YRN 2 year Sapphire careplan P.O.A Enquire
SCP3YRN 3 year Sapphire careplan P.O.A Enquire