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NaviTEK NT/Plus/Pro Ethernet Network Troubleshooters

  • The NaviTEK NT range of testers are very popular instruments for the troubleshooting and maintenance of Ethernet networks
  • Three models are available
  • The NaviTEK-NT performs the following tests:
    • Wiremap check between a display and remote module. The wiremap routine checks the wiring schematic for faults such as crossed pairs, short circuits, opens, and split pairs. The length of the cable is also measured (or distance to fault)
    • PoE/PoE+ detection
    • Hub blink for port identification
    • Ping and Traceroute
    • DHCP client
    • Switch detection 10/100/1000Base-T
    • A tone generator function allows simple cable tracing to be performed (please buy the optional 62-164 amplifier probe)
    • The instrument features the Ideal Lifejack RJ45 inserts: when the test interface is worn or damaged you can simply replace it, extending the life of the instrument
  • In addition the NaviTEK-NT-Plus performs the following:
    • Additional network tests DNS, Gateway and NetScan
    • Network Probe (NET TEST) provides detailed network information of each device
    • Port identification using EDP/CDP/LLDP
    • VLAN detection and support
    • Network scan (IP and MAC addresses of devices)
    • PoE/PoE+ load testing
    • Traffic utilisation bar graph
    • Up to 5,000 results can be stored. The tester includes a WiFi adaptor allowing results (pdf or csv files) to be transferred using the free Ideal AnyWARE app to your preferred storage platform (email, ftp, cloud etc). Alternatively you can transfer results to a USB device if you prefer
    • Three choices of result template are available (summary, brief and full) and can include company name, operator and logo along with job information
  • In addition the NaviTEK-NT-Pro includes the following:
    • Logon to network using the 802.1x protocol
    • Fibre optic interface to allow testing on fibre networks (please order SFPs to suit your network separately)
    • Loopback mode for both copper and fibre testing
  • Supplied as a kit including display and one remote module in a soft carry case
  • The NaviTEK-NT is powered by 4 x AA alkaline batteries (included)
  • The NaviTEK-NT-Plus and Pro have a rechargeable battery pack and a charger. Both include a WiFi adaptor
  • The Ideal AnyWARE app is a free download
  • A set of additional wiremap remotes can be ordered to speed up testing of passive cabling
  • Please watch the introduction video below. If you have questions we are able to arrange a one-to-one online demonstration of this instrument with a member of our support staff at a time convenient to yourself. Please contact our sales team for information


Code Type Our Price:
NAVITEK-NT Basic network tester kit P.O.A Enquire
NAVITEK-NT-PLUS Network tester kit P.O.A Enquire
NAVITEK-NT-PRO Network tester kit with SFP slot P.O.A Enquire

Fibre Option (NAVITEK-NT-PRO)

Code Type Our Price:
SFP-MGKSX1 1000Base-SX multimode SFP P.O.A Enquire
SFP-MGKLX2 1000Base-LX 1310nm singlemode SFP P.O.A Enquire
SFP-MGKZX3 1000Base-ZX 1550nm singlemode SFP P.O.A Enquire


Code Type Our Price:
62-164 Amplifier probe for tone generator function P.O.A Enquire
LIFEJACK Replacement Lifejack interfaces (pack of 10 and insertion tool) P.O.A Enquire
NAVITEK-NT-REM-12 Set of 11 RJ45 remotes No 2-12 P.O.A Enquire