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  • AngstromBond offer a wide range of adhesives for fibre optic, optical and electronic applications

353ND Heat Cure Epoxy

A popular two-part heat-curing ...


AB101 Fast-Cure Field Termination Adhesive

A popular fast-curing anaerobic adhesive for f...

Type: Fast cure adhesive, 10ml

AB202 Fast-Cure Field Termination Adhesive - High Reliability

Anaerobic adhesives are popular...

Type: Fast cure adhesive, 20ml

AB9001MT Fibre Optic Epoxy For MT & MTRJ

A two-part epoxy for MT (e.g. MTP, MPO) and MT...

Type: Epoxy for MT and MTRJ, 2.5g bi-pack

AB9110LV Epoxy For Plastic Optical Fibre & PMF

A crystal clear two-part epoxy for connec...

Type: Epoxy for POF and PMF, 2.5g bi-pack

AB9320 Low Stress Fibre Optic Epoxy

A two-part heat-curing epoxy for fibre optic conne...

Type: Low stress fibre optic epoxy, 2.5g bi-pack

DSM3471-3-14 UV Curable Fibre Recoater

An optical fibre coating for single layer application ...

Type: UV-cure fibre recoater, 20cc in 30cc syringe

DSM950-200 UV Curable Fibre Recoater

A proven UV curable fibre re-coating...


Hysol 0151 Room Temp Cure Fibre Optic Epoxy

A two-part room temperature curing epoxy for f...