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Cable Jacket Stripping

CST Armour/Jacket Stripper

Strips cable jacket and removes CST armour from fibre optic cables Can also be used on non-armoured cables Blade rotates 90° for ...


Heavy Duty Cable Jacket Stripper

Heavy duty cable jacket stripper for 8-38mm...


Low Cost Data Cable Jacket Stripper & Punch Down Tool

Low cost jacket stripper for data cables incorporating an IDC punch dow...

Type: Low cost data cable jacket stripper and punch down tool

Low Cost Jacket Stripper & Cutter For Data Cables

A low cost tool for stripping the jacket of and cutting data cable...

Type: Data cable cutting and jacket strip tool

Miller Centre Feed Fibre Stripper

A centre-feed stripping tool th...

Type: Miller centre feed fibre stripper

Miller Fibre Patch Cable Jacket Stripper/Cutter

Jacket stripper and cutter for fibre optic patch cab...

Type: Miller patch cable jacket stripper/cutter

Peg Style Cable Jacket Strippers

Peg style cable jacket strippers. ...


Ribbon Fibre Jacket Stripper

Strips the outer cable jacket from 12 fibre ribbon assembly cables Please note that this tool does not strip the fibre coatings

Type: 12f ribbon cable jacket stripper

Rotary Cable Jacket Stripper

Cable jacket stripper for 4.5-2...


Rotary Cable Jacket Stripper - Spiral Action

Cable jacket strippers...


SMART-STRIP Data Cable Jacket Stripper

Strips UTP and shielded data cable jackets up to 10mm diameter Spring loaded blade action

Type: Data cable jacket stripper

SNC Combined Fibre Buffer/Jacket Stripper & Kevlar Cutter

A novel tool that combine...

Type: SNC Kevlar cutter/jacket/buffer stripper